Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blue Jays and Twitter

There are a few Toronto Blue Jays on Twitter, But manager John Farrell warns his players to be careful.
This from the Toronto Sun

DUNEDIN — Twitter doesn’t much interest John Farrell but a number of his Blue Jay players are tweeting on a regular basis.

Farrell isn’t about to put restrictions on his players, but he is wary.

“I don’t tweet and I don’t plan to,” he said.“We make (players) aware of some of the pitfalls. We do what we can to educate all of our players on social media.”

“It’s part of our everyday lives so we’re not going to say they can’t do it. But I think they’ve got to be careful if they’re going to engage in it.

“My own opinion is that for a player to be involved in that, they set themselves up for another distraction.”

Here are some of the Blue Jays that are on Twitter

Travis Snider @Lunchboxhero45
JesseLitsch @JesseLitsch
JP Arencibia @jparencibia9
Ricky Romero @RickyRo24

You can also follow former Blue Jay Vernon Wells @VeronWells10

What do you think about professional athletes on twitter, Is it a good idea?

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  1. Players definitely have to be careful of it. I remember Bautista had it for about 3 days, and he said some stuff that could have been taken very negatively. He said something about his preference to play outfield and something about Cito's style. He quickly deleted his profile and was never to be seen again.