Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yes I have a blog now:)

So after months of my friends bugging me to get on Twitter I signed up. My thinking is there is no point in just going half way into the online world. So why not have a blog:)

I grew up watching and playing sports so chances are most of my blogging will be about Football, Baseball, Backetball and Hockey. I can't promise it will be 100% sports. Shopping and boys sometimes seem to get caught up in my mind. So this will be a good place to vent.

Can't wait for the superbowl tomorrow. I am heading to Becca's place to watch the game. She is having some of the boys from down the street over and should be a fun Super Bowl Party.

It's a tough call for me on who I want to win. I like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Troy Polamalu. But I am really not liking  Ben Roethlisberger these days. He just seems like such a jerk off the field.

Who do you think will Win??

1 comment:

  1. I knew you would crack for Twitter, but a blog
    See ya tonight