Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can the Leafs make the playoffs?

As I write this, the Leafs sit 5 points behind the Carolina Hurricanes for the 8th playoff spot. The Hurricanes have played 63 games and the Leafs have played 62 so far. Tonight is a huge game for the Maple Leafs, as they head into face the Atlanta Thrashers.

It is going to be an exciting race for that 8th spot with the Buffalo Sabres coming on strong. The Sabres have 65 points and have two games in hand on the Hurricanes and one on the Maple Leafs.

Here is a quick look at the Standings

Team                     GP     PTS

Rangers                 64       70 
Hurricanes             64       67
Sabres                  61       65
Maple Leafs           62       62
Thrashers              62       61
Panthers               61       59

Then New York Rangers have the 7th spot with 70 points and they have already lost today against Tampa Bay, so that is great news for the Leafs.
The Carolina Hurricanes are in the 8th spot with 67 points

The Leafs need to win tonight or the Thrashers will pass them in the standings.

Goodluck boys

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  1. I think they will miss the playoffs by 4 points.